Introduction to Leather Working DVD

Leather Skills has produced a comprehensive 18-track how-to DVD that covers leatherworking from Tools and Materials right through Finishing. This is the first in a series of DVDs on leatherwork and the only one we’ve ever seen that covers so many aspects of a project. With this, we set out to create a DVD that would stand alone, helping beginners with their many questions, and offering tips that even seasoned leatherworkers find helpful.

DVD: Introduction to Leather WorkingMaster leathercrafter Al Manning takes you step-by-step through the creation of a hand crafted leather project, demonstrating the use of the basic tools for leather carving and stamping, dyeing and finishing a project.

“Al’s instruction is awesome. He must’ve been a teacher. His instruction is specific…the camera work is excellent—the close ups show every detail.”
—Gary G., satisfied customer

Running more than two and a half hours, Al’s detailed instruction walks through every aspect of the process, teaching skills and methods that provide a solid foundation for nearly any hand-tooled leather project. The DVD’s chapters allow you to easily choose a specific skill to learn or review so you can work at your own pace, which is especially helpful when working with a leather kit or custom-cut project.

Learn to tool, carve and stamp leather and create your own custom leather products for yourself or as gifts for others. The basic skills presented can be used to create a wallet, checkbook cover, planner or notebook cover, purse, belt, knife sheath, cell phone case, handbag, holster, DVD case, guitar strap, saddlebag, motorcycle tool pouch, custom flask, custom travel mug, or any other item you can craft from leather. Craft your own personalized work of leather art!

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