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Greg ManningGreg Manning learned the skill of leather working from his father, Al Manning. After years of working technical jobs that were more about problem solving and less about crafting, Greg decided to get back to the workbench and get his creative fix again. As he showed his projects to others, he quickly came to realize that no good resources were available for helping others to learn this practical craft. Since he couldn’t send everyone to his father for training, he did the next best thing: he produced a DVD of his father’s teaching that could be sent to everyone who wanted to learn. Now he is able to enjoy both the creative pursuits of the workbench and the knowledge that others now have access to the training they need to discover the joy of leather working for themselves. (Greg’s other passion is riding his Harley Davidson Springer Softail.)

Al ManningAlbert “Al” Manning took up the hobby of leathercraft when stationed overseas with the U.S. Army in 1964. In addition to studying some of the many books available on the subject, he learned by observing the works and techniques of other leathercrafters. His own works run the gamut from belts and handbags to sheaths and a wide variety of cases, as well as special commissions for tooled coats of arms and a rodeo championship sash. As a Boy Scout, he earned the Leatherwork Merit Badge, and later, as an Eagle Scout he has served for many years as a Leatherwork Merit Badge instructor, introducing many Scouts to the joy of leatherwork. Recently, in keeping with his own Scottish heritage, he has focused on making tooled leather sporrans, kilt belts and knife sheaths featuring Celtic knotwork and zoomorphic patterns, many of his own creation.

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